TISC's Service Excellence Pledge

TISC understands it is not enough to have the most knowledgeable and technically sound employees.

They must take pride in their work and work as a team to provide their customer with an experience that is superior to that offered by the competition. TISC provides relevant, up to date training to our team allowing them to be knowledgeable and an integral part of our client’s risk management program.

Our employees strive to continually follow our Service Excellence Pledge by working hard to provide a superior customer experience. One that makes it easy for our client's to recommend us to their friends and associates. We will always proactively work to protect our client’s business and interests.

You have our Service Excellence Pledge - we will hold our employees to a higher service standard and provide them the tools to offer the best possible service:

  • Return all claim, insurance and inquiry calls within 4 hours, but at a maximum of 24 hours (during business hours)
  • Issue requested Certificates of Insurance within 4 hours, but at a maximum of 24 hours (during business hours)
  • Offer renewal indications at least 15 days prior to renewal date or sooner if requested
  • ID cards and endorsements within 4 hours, but at a maximum of 24 hours (during business hours)
  • Policies mailed 30-60 days after receipt from fronting carrier *
  • Practicing proactive claims advocacy to secure a fair settlement is always a top priority
  • Work as a team to fully utilize our knowledge base and the synergy that is created
  • Always listen to our clients to further our understanding of our client’s needs
  • Always be professional and strive to earn the respect and trust of our clients
  • Always practice the Golden Rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

*Note: TISC does not have control over the carrier’s policy issuance time standards

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