Claims Advocacy & Reporting

TRM (Telcom Risk Management), the risk management component of TISC, acts as an advocate and facilitator on behalf of all our insured clients.

Prompt and efficient claims advocacy is one of the most important services we provide and is an integral part of a successful relationship between TISC and our clients. Our Claims Specialists work closely with all carriers (past and present) to ensure all involved parties know who to contact and what steps to take should a claim arise.

Our staff has a substantial amount of insurance company experience. This might not seem all that important. However, when interacting with the insurer an in-depth knowledge of company operations allows us to gain all the underwriting, rating, and claims advantages that exist. There is credibility to the statement that you cannot ask for something when you do not know it exists.

Examples of proactive claims advocacy are provided below and speak for themselves to the advantage we provide customers.

  1. Flood to the Executive Building and an additional Building – Although side-by-side, the buildings were split on the FEMA map into two flood zones. One of the zones did not afford coverage. TISC was able to negotiate a settlement to clean-up, repair, and replace the entire damage for both buildings. Total paid was $247,701 in addition to what the NFIP policy responded to.
  2. Heart Attack – the employee started not feeling well at work but the actual heart attack happened away from work. In general, the accident must occur within the course and scope of employment and the expenses associated with it would be covered under Workers Compensation. TISC was able to help negotiate a settlement that paid the business back the medical expenses to the health insurance from the heart attack as well as some monies for future medicals in case they happen. Total paid was $376,540.
  3. Ice storm claim - even though the policy was did not explicitly provide for coverage of the business employees’ payroll to do repairs from the storm or what the definition of overhead poles and lines were, TIG helped negotiate with the carrier to pay for drop lines and labor of business employees to do repairs. Total paid was $255,307.

Once we bind coverage, you will receive a Claims Reporting Instructions package. It will include your specific policy numbers, policy type (line-of-business) and the phone, fax, and on-line (if available) instructions that you will need to file a claim. We work closely with the carrier’s claims adjusters to make sure the claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions about claims or claims related matters, please contact Cheri Condee at 800-222-4664 extension 1082, or email

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