On-Line Certificate Program

TISC’s On-Line Certificate Program is Always Available


We know your business insurance needs don’t only happen between 8:30am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. TISC is pleased to offer an on-line certificate program available to our policyholders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Once you give us permission to activate your account on-line, from our website, www.TISCinsagency, you can select the E-certificate log-in and issue standardized certificates specific to your coverages and previous certificate holders. Once you complete the information, the certificate can be emailed or faxed to whomever you choose. A copy of all certificates you issue will automatically be emailed to you as well. If you need any special wording on the certificate, you can still request it on-line and your TISC Underwriting Technician will review the request during the next business day and verify, produce, and email to you and the requested certificate holder a copy of the certificate.

If you would like the ability to "do-it-yourself" for your certificates, please contact the Underwriting Technician assigned to your account, who will activate your on-line certificate account. Then, you can get started. They'll need your company name, the contact name, and the email to set-up your E-certs (online certificate program). It's a simple few steps and you can start using the program.

If you have general questions, please email us at TISC@TISCinsagency.com.

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